See you on the other side

It doesn't matter if I get in or not. I am going to go to Cali to visit the best girl in the world, Valeria. I hate the fact that she has left Sweden. I hate that she will be hours away and the time difference makes it impossible to just give a quick call or to text about stupid people who you meet out on clubs. It was great seeing her this weekend in Örnsköldsvik. Everything from just siting talking and drinking wine, to dancing and refucing to talk anything but english to norwegian guys. Fly safe my friend and as you said. See you on the other side.


While I was licking stamps with the king on my dad actually met a real royalty, Prince Harry of England. He met him in a security check in some millitary base somewhere in england. How awesome isn't that?

My dad's new best friend

Licking the king

It's not every day you get to lick the king. I don't think I will ever be as close to him as I am now.

If they dont want you to make jokes about him, they should most definitly not put him on stamps...


This were not that bad today. Until I got home. I've gotten the letter from CSN, finally, and then I see that I have some papers which they need to sign. My mood dropped. I just feel atm that maybe it's not the option for me if it is this much trouble, maybe it's destiny or something. Just so fucking stupid. Now I have no idea what to do, again.


At school, again. In lärarhuset, again. But I like it here it is open and definitly not quiet. Can't stand when it's quiet, makes me nervous when I am studying. Right now there's a guy playing piano here and he is really good. There's almost always someone here playing piano but their level of talent can vary from really bad to really good. And sometimes people are singing and that is almost always bad, though yesterday there was a good girl singing. But as long as the music is played well it's good but when they suck you just wanna scream and throw stuff at them. Though I'd never do that.

Starting to see the light in the end of the tunnel for this weeks assignments :P

Day 04 – What I ate today

This is a really interesting topic due to the fact that I have the worst eating habits in the world, almost. I love candy and cookies, basically anything sweet. And since it's only lunch hour right now I havent eaten that much today so I will write about what I ate yesterday.

Breakfast: I was late for school so I didn't eat any breakfast, I ate lunch for breakfast

Lunch: Since I at lunch were really hungry and I forgot my food at home I bought a tuna sandwich at the cafeteria. And a chocolate ball. Yummy

Snack: Another chocolate ball, so delicious.

Dinner: 4 smaller sandwiches with butter, marmelade and cheese. And a few bites of Fredriks dinner (rice and chicken).

So it was not that bad actually. Almost three meals and not all of them were candy :P

Day 03 – My parents

Well I think I got pretty normal parents. They're divorced since less than a year back.

My dad is a very warm person and he cant sit still for two seconds. He likes engines and anything attatched to them and sometimes it seems like he has unlimited knowledge about them.

My mom is also a very loving person, but she doesn't like cars and is more interested in abstrac things like healing and spirituality.

Even though I don't always get along with my parents and we might not always work towards the same goal we function together and I love them.

Day 2 – My first love

My first real love I'd say would be Louka. We met online on some community and I fell for his humor and selfconfidence. He is the kind of guy that makes you like him and to think he is the most amazing guy in the world even though that's not really what you really think but just because he thinks that he is that kind of guy. Plus I thought he looked really good with a really warm smile and eyes that I could back then drown in. We started talking a lot on msn, every day and for several hours each day. I shared stuff with him that I hadn't told anyone and he still accepted me. When he came here to meet me for the first time I was so nervous. I have never been so nervous still to this day. Months passed and there was a lot of traveling back and forth. We broke up and got together again and after that it was never the same again and after a year he broke up for the final time. I got desperate when he was slipping further and further away, trying to hold on to what I thought we had. In the end it was just fighting, I can see that now but I couldn't back then. It was a good first love actually. I was devestated when he broke up. But we were way too young to have that serious relationship. Though we had many great moments and without Louka I would never have traveled as much as I actually have, so I guess I owe him that. We still talk from time to time and he seems happy, which is good :)

Louka in Les Menuires in the end of 2005 or the start of 2006, the only picture I can find atm.

Day 1, About me

Well, this is simple. I am 22 years old, still feel like 16 but being legaly able to drink. I like to read books, and I am almost addicted to my books sometimes. I live in Umeå with my bf and fiance. Hopefully I will get my bachelor degree in a few months and then I will go out to see the world.

I wont write more here, just since this was boring haha :p

Something to distract me

Well this is something as the headings say to distract me from the stress which I am now feeling. Cant really talk 'cause I am so stressed, just as Fred :P

Aparently this is something you should do one topic each day but I am gonna do them when I feel like it, so maybe many topics today and none tomorrow. But we will see.

Dag 01 – Om mig

Dag 02 – Min första kärlek

Dag 03 – Mina föräldrar

Dag 04 – Det här åt jag i dag

Dag 05 – Vad är kärlek?

Dag 06 – Min dag

Dag 07 – Min bästa vän

Dag 08 – Ett ögonblick

Dag 09 – Min tro

Dag 10 – Det här hade jag på mig i dag

Dag 11 – Mina syskon

Dag 12 – I min handväska

Dag 13 – Den här veckan

Dag 14 – Det roligaste jag vet

Dag 15 – Mina drömmar

Dag 16 – Min första kyss

Dag 17 – Mitt favoritminne

Dag 18 – Min favoritfödelsedag

Dag 19 – Detta ångrar jag

Dag 20 – Den här månaden

Dag 21 – Ett annat ögonblick

Dag 22 – Det här upprör mig

Dag 23 – Det här får mig att må bättre

Dag 24 – Det här får mig att gråta

Dag 25 – En första

Dag 26 – Mina rädslor

Dag 27 – Min favoritplats

Dag 28 – Det här saknar jag

Dag 29 – Mina ambitioner

Dag 30 – Ett sista ögonblick


Today has been a kinda productive day and I love producive days. I've written alot on the asignment but it is a lot of crap, like we say in swedish "ordbajs". Now I have come to the point that I don't know what to write, I dont know how to continue. But I am going home now I guess. Just waiting for Fredrik to call..

In Lärarhuset, you cant see how tired I am and how bad my hair looks.


When is enough, enough?

Can somebody tell me please?

To Markus

To answer your question: Vi hängde upp och ner i stålpinnar i taket och roterade sedan bilden inne i datorn :P

There you know. Don't try this at home/Testa ej detta själv!! Especially not when you are drunk. Now when sober I am starting to question my jugment that day while drunk, hanging up side down in your knees after some wine isn't the brightest idea I've ever had.



Hanging out

Thoughts right before bed

Something might be better off if left unsaid, somethings I wish you to tell me but I know they're not true. Somethings I wish could be different but I will smile and talk about the good parts that people want to know. - Catch and release


Yesterday I wasn't gonna go out but I did and it was awesome. I literary was hanging up-side-down from the ceiling at some point. The light in the bathroom didn't work so we had a flash light in there and I had waaaay too much redwine. The red wine caused me to spend the whole day in bed. At 4 Fredrik forced me out of the bed to eat something.


Last weekend :)

Lets try again

The last entry wasn't very informative so lets try again with a post that might actually give you something. This candy is one of my favorite candys, I have a lot of favs, but this one is a really old one of mine and not many people like them. They taste of violet (I transalated it but I don't think it's the right word anyways) and it's a very special taste.


I feel like I am in the need for some new music, for something that fits my mood. I can't really find any and the only ones who never lets me down are Red Hot Chili Peppers. But aparently I can't put it in here at the moment, so this will be like a cliffhanger :P



So much work to do right now and I don't really know where to start. Going to school might be a good idea though. Or to start reading some articles. I feel like I need to do something productive. I need to take a step forward, or many steps would be even better.


Tuesday, kind of uneventful, which only made me happier when my boss called and wanted me to work tonight. Then I feel like I get to do something productive today. I did do stuff today but I don't feel like I did the stuff which I was supposed to do. But I can't do any school work yet, have to wait until tomorrow. Then working is good 'cause it at least leads to something. The last three weeks have been really busy with both school and work which has left me a bit stressed about just sitting around doing nothing, which is not a bad thing :P

Time goes fast when you are having fun

I can't believe that Valeria is leaving soon again. Seems like she just got home. It's so strange how you can push away bad thoughts. Like just today I realized that she is actually leaving in a SHORT while and not just like "Oh yeah it's in a few months" but it's really soon. Damn it. :P I am gonna cuff her to my wrist so she can't go or have to take me with her. Friday was so awesome, you have no idea. My brain has been kind of busy with work and I haven't really processed it yet but now I am and realizing just how great it was.

No ordinary Friday

Yesterday was awesome. I had a blast really. So spontanious in way even though Valeria has planned to come up to Umeå for quite some time. It was a huge shame that Frida couldn't join us for EPP and clubbing. And the picture thingy on the blog doesn't work atm but pictures can be seen on facebook if anyone is interested :)

Now I have to go to work and right now I actually don't feel hung over at all, which is great :D But it might have something to do with that I started drinking water when we entered the club (Allstar). :)



Today was a busy day. My hair is darker again which feels nice. The apartment is not as clean as I would like it for tomorrow when Valeria comes up but due to a lack of energy and tons of other stuff to do I have been unable to do anything about it really. But I am so looking forward to tomorrow :D It's gonna be great to be with Frida and Valeria again, it was sucha long long time since we were together all the three of us. But atm it doesn't feel like it was that long even though it is at least two months.


As you can see we were slightly more tanned when this picture was taken. :P


I've felt for weeks that my hair needs a little colour. The part that is growing out is a lighter colour which makes me look slighlty bald. Which is not a good look for me. So now I am colouring it.

Remind me that I never should cut my hair short, that is also not a good look for me :P

Migration and social networks

That is the topic of this weeks task for this course...

at school :)

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