Vilken intressant helg. Just wait until you see the pictures. Mycket jobb och mycket fest. Kanske inte den bästa kombinationen ibland. Sitter nu och skriver c-uppsats vilket känns väldigt konstigt. Det är så svårt att veta var man ska börja. Bli nog att dra igång ordentligt imorgon och bara göra lite förarbete idag.

Day 09 – My beliefs

Today is not a good day. I am way to stressed and upset about an email which I dont seem to get an answer to. Finished writing an assignment which didn't turn out so good. But as my friend Johan says "Sometimes you got to say fuck it"

So I am now gonna tell you a little bit about my faith, or non-faith for that matter. I don't believe in god, but I am not an Atheist, I am an Agnostic. Which you should know is when you believe in something and you don't know exactly what. I believe in a power of love.  And that's it. It works in a kinda hinduistic way, meaning that if you give out love, you get love back. Though not always in the way you expect. Also that when you die you do go to a better place, not heaven. Just a better place. But there's nothing there after you die. It's a bit contradictory but it doesn't matter since I don't really care about it that much. Life is here and life is now. So that's what you need to worry about.

Back in Sweden

The trip to Estonia and Latvia was awesome. We got to see so much stuff. We were in Riga, Kothla Järve, Narva, Tartu, Valga, Valka, Riga and some other small cities but it was a lot just to see in a week. I still haven't processed everything just yet. We walked around exploring the cities, we were into a mine, on the top of a Stalinbuilding, on the Russiian boarder. So great. And as usual when you come home again you feel a bit empty. A lot empty. I could have been gone at least a week more to explore Lithuania as well. So now I have to go there. I have never really been interested in the Baltics no more than just to go there to buy cheap alcohol and to party but this trip really opened up my eyes to the Baltics, especially Riga. I love Riga. It's an amazing town with awesome buildings and great people and great beer.


Day 08 – One moment

It's not hard at all to pick one moment. But I will try. I wanna bring you back to the week I turned 18. It was an awesome week. First on the exact day I turned 18 I did something I've wanted to do since I was 14, I pierced my tounge.

So this is how that happened:

First you talk with the person who's preforming it.

Then he cleans your tounge, and as you can see I allready had a piercing in my eyebrow (which I really miss) and I got that one when I was 16.

He then squeezes your tounge together with a metal thing

Then the needle is pushed through

Then he inserted the jewelry that you have through your tounge.

Then you're happy and pierced.

Then your tounge swells up to twice the original size and you can't talk for a week.

Two days later it was time for the first tattoo.

It's very important to see how the stencil of the tattoo looks from all angles to be sure it looks like it's supposed to.

Maybe consult with an other tattoo artist to see what he thinks (and Valeria who's standing on the chair)

If you like it, then you get it tattooed on you

And today 4 years later it's still there and wonderful.

Then if you like tattoos, you will always get more...

I love my piercing and tattoos and the moment you get it, it's extremly painful sometimes (your ribs and inner upper arms are quite sensitive, but the back didn't hurt) but you need to remember that one short moment of pain is equal to an eternity of glory haha




Day 07 – My best friend(s)

I have some close friends which I love very much and instead of telling you about them I will show them :) some are old friends and some are new and some live way too far away :P







I don't actually have that many friends and most of them have moved away but I don't mind. I like my friends and I prever quality instead of quantity.



Day 06 – My day

Today has been a slow day. I woke up at 8:00 at stayed in bed watching tv until 09:00, watching Vakna med the Voice, which is not quite as good as it used to be. Then I got up. Ate breakfast, a semla. Then I watched some moew tv. Picked up a few stuff from the floor. Sufred a bit online. Listened to some music. Then I thought it was a good time to actually do something so I got out of my pyjamas and into some real clothes and smeared on some make up. I was gonna take my leather jacket to school but it was too windy so I took my new winterjacket. Then I was planing on walking to school but due to the fact that my high heels  are not a good combo with the ice on the ground, I took the bus. I got to school and sat down with Annica and Johan. Worked a little bit on an essay and finished it. I went to the computer room at uni and printed it out and handed it in. I met Emilia and we talked a bit and then Emilia and Johan went home and me and Annica are still at school. My dad called and hopefully he will come and visit sometime this weekend :) I have been here at school for like 5 hours and done about 15 minutes of work. That's effective I tell you.

Now Fredrik called to say he is on his way here to pick me up in the new car :D awesome!

So here I am. And something smells really bad here, like something is burned but Annica and I can't really find out what it is.

Day 05 – What is love?

What is love? Not an easy qestion to answer. Love for me can exist in very different way. The love you feel for friends, boyfriends, family is all different from each other. The love for friends you could argue is the most diversed one when there are different levels of love for different friends. Some friends are like boyfriends. You miss them when they are not here, something happens and you can't wait to tell them, you stick with them through bad and good times. For me friendship love is not hanging out and talking 10 times a day, it is when it doesn't matter if you have not heard from each other in a while and instead of being mad of not calling once a week you are just happy to hear their voice. It is unconditional.

Which I think it's the main word for all love. It is unconditional in that way that it doesn't matter what happens, it will still always be there. Though that doesn't mean that you don't have to treat it with care. It is still a delecate thing and love is a form of relationship, both parts must charish it and work towards making it work. Love is hard and easy at the same time. It's hard to define but I am one of those who easily fall in love with everything.

I don't think I will come up with anything smart to say after babbeling this much. Love is almost as hard to define as the meaning of life. You don't have to do anything to love, but to get love you have to care and be good to the people you want it from. I am not a believer of tough love haha :P

Fat tuesday

Semlor is yummy :)

They taste better than they look :P

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