Back in Sweden

The trip to Estonia and Latvia was awesome. We got to see so much stuff. We were in Riga, Kothla Järve, Narva, Tartu, Valga, Valka, Riga and some other small cities but it was a lot just to see in a week. I still haven't processed everything just yet. We walked around exploring the cities, we were into a mine, on the top of a Stalinbuilding, on the Russiian boarder. So great. And as usual when you come home again you feel a bit empty. A lot empty. I could have been gone at least a week more to explore Lithuania as well. So now I have to go there. I have never really been interested in the Baltics no more than just to go there to buy cheap alcohol and to party but this trip really opened up my eyes to the Baltics, especially Riga. I love Riga. It's an amazing town with awesome buildings and great people and great beer.



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