Day 06 – My day

Today has been a slow day. I woke up at 8:00 at stayed in bed watching tv until 09:00, watching Vakna med the Voice, which is not quite as good as it used to be. Then I got up. Ate breakfast, a semla. Then I watched some moew tv. Picked up a few stuff from the floor. Sufred a bit online. Listened to some music. Then I thought it was a good time to actually do something so I got out of my pyjamas and into some real clothes and smeared on some make up. I was gonna take my leather jacket to school but it was too windy so I took my new winterjacket. Then I was planing on walking to school but due to the fact that my high heels  are not a good combo with the ice on the ground, I took the bus. I got to school and sat down with Annica and Johan. Worked a little bit on an essay and finished it. I went to the computer room at uni and printed it out and handed it in. I met Emilia and we talked a bit and then Emilia and Johan went home and me and Annica are still at school. My dad called and hopefully he will come and visit sometime this weekend :) I have been here at school for like 5 hours and done about 15 minutes of work. That's effective I tell you.

Now Fredrik called to say he is on his way here to pick me up in the new car :D awesome!

So here I am. And something smells really bad here, like something is burned but Annica and I can't really find out what it is.


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